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Simple searches

For the sake of organisation, images are organised into broad galleries, based on our key interests 

Events - Performance - Sports - Stock - Travel.

Each gallery is subdivided into further categories. You can browse the galleries to find what you are looking for.

The most effective way to search is to use keywords. All images are saved with keywords attached, so choosing specific keywords to describe the image you are after will help you to find what you need.


When scrolling through the images, you will quickly get a feel as to how we keyword our images. Keywords can be viewed by clicking on the ‘i’ on each photo.  

We work hard to make sure keywords are accurate, helping you to find the right images.

If you find an image that suits your needs, refer to the keywords associated with that image. These keywords link to further images that share the same keyword.

You can click the keyword and view by a single keyword, or group the keywords you see together by using the Search bar.

Specific searches - Search Bar 

For more specific results, use the search bar at the top right of the site. You can combine your searches to narrow the results by refining and combining your entered

Use commas to separate keywords

For example, if you want images of the 2018 British Masters Athletics Championships, you would enter the following:

2018, Masters, Athletics, Championships

If you wanted to refine it further, by looking for just the jumps events, you would add jump to the string

2018, Masters, Athletics, Championships, jump

Use " " to give you exact results


Some clients require stock images where a predominant colour is featured. We have coded many stock images with the added word "colour...". So, by searching for "colour red" or "colour blue" (using the quotation marks), your results will include images where red or blue is the predominant colour. 

Specific keywords

A little familiarity with our keywording hierarchy will aid you in your search for specific types and styles of images, camera angles, and even overall feel of an image, so that you find exactly the images you are seeking.

As mentioned, paying attention to the keywords listed with every photo is one way to search the portfolio for image that are similar to an image you might be looking at.

But to assist you further, here are some keywords that might help in the image search for your project.

negative space - images which have a much higher percentage of negative space than others, but with a background that is a little cleaner and less busy than others, giving you ample room for your ad copy

minimal - images where the background is very clean and uncluttered, providing good space for copy

artistic - images with an unusual angle, crop or framing

landscape - landscape images

overhead or "high angle" - used when the camera is overhead

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